Post Match Interview Australian Open 2016

Russian player cannot stop American Serena Williams navigation to quarter finals. Even Though on number of aces Gasparyan is edged Williams (4-3), she managed to raise only nine winners against American’s nineteen winners, She cannot prevent Williams break her services five times.

Serena Williams beat Gasparyan on pre quarter finals (January 24, 2016) 6-2, 6-1.

Margarita Gasparyan vs Serena Williams Australian Open 2016
Margarita Gasparyan is not prepared to meet Serena Williams in pre quarter finals Australian Open 2016.

Q. Center court. Main interview room. How does it feel?
Margarita Gasparyan: Of course it is amazing. I played in Centre Court in Wimbledon also, so it’s the time, and I have a big emotion. I like to play there again.

Q. What was different if there was something different from the Wimbledon match with Serena and today?
Margarita Gasparyan: Serena was play very good today. Unbelievable.

She serve, she move, she hit the ball so aggressive, and I don’t have some chance to win.

Q. Where do you go from now?
Margarita Gasparyan: Relax today, and tomorrow I go to home.

Backhand shot by Margarita Gasparyan
Russian Gasparyan plays a backhand in her pre quarter finals (round of 16) Australian Open at Melbourne Park match against Serena Williams on Sunday, January 24, 2016.

Q. Were you able to try some different things against Serena, different tactics? Different approaches?
Margarita Gasparyan: Today?

Q. Yeah.
Margarita Gasparyan: No, I want to play more aggressive, but she played very well today. Serena Williams did not leave any chance for me to regain.

I have done lot of mistakes.

Q. What do you think about her serve?
Margarita Gasparyan: My serve?

Q. Her serve.
Margarita Gasparyan: It is unbelievable. I don’t know how to say it. She maybe 10 or another ace, and I cannot to hit the ball so aggressive and I lost.

Q. And you practice against men, I’m sure. The serve that she has, is it as strong as a man’s?
Margarita Gasparyan: Yeah. She have, yeah.

Q. Showing from courtside, I see that when you served you were able to go into the rallies.
Margarita Gasparyan: But I serve not so good today. I have a lot of double faults because I want to hit the ball more aggressive in the second serve, but I have mistakes.

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